Jesse's 200mph Challenger - Hot Rod Magazine - January 2014
Jesse's 200mph
Challenger Another ThiTek Customer
Featured in Hot Rod Magazine

Jesse's 200mph Challenger

Hot Rod Magazine is highlighting another top build featuring ThiTek heads, Jesse Iwuji’s 200mph Challenger.

Congratulations to Jesse for breaking the 200mph wall. We are extremely proud our heads were chosen to be a part of Jesse’s build. Adam and Team Spankin’ Time have been ruthless in their top speed quest, though they are still trailing HemiSam’s 205.7 mph record. We wish Jesse the best of luck at his next top speed event, I’m sure he’ll keep raising the bar and pushing the known limits of the modern HEMI.

Below is an excerpt from the Hot Rod Magazine article.

Images and article credit go to Hot Rod Magazine.

What It takes to Run 200 mph in a Challenger

– By Hot Rod Magazine Staff

Jesse Iwuji bought a used Challenger with the goal of someday running in the 11s in the quarter-mile.

Jesse Iwuji bought a used Challenger with the goal of someday running in the 11s in the quarter-mile. Several iterations later and he’s got more than 1,100 hp at the crank and his eyes set on becoming the fastest modern Mopar in the standing mile, all while keeping the car street-legal and street-driven.

Built by Spankin Time Performance in San Bernardino, California, Jesse Iwuji’s Challenger uses a Darton-sleeved, 408ci Hemi stroker crank from Scat spinning a set of Carillo rods and CP pistons. The engine also has ThiTek heads and a 4.2L Kenne Bell supercharger that runs as much as 22 psi of boost on E85. The exhaust uses OVX long tube headers, Bassani mid-pipes, and Flowmaster Super 40–Series mufflers.

The 912 rwhp gets to the ground by way of an SHR transmission, a DSS driveshaft, and the stock differential and axles with 3.06 gears. With that combo, Jesse became the fifth modern Mopar to break the 200-mph barrier in the standing mile, running 200.9 mph. He’s also run 174 mph in the half-mile, which is the same speed our showroom-stock ’13 Dodge Challenger SRT ran in a mile and a half.

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