Thitek GIIIH "Bear" | Cast Porters
GIIIH | Cast Porters An Blank Canvas, Ready for Porting.

GIIIH "Bear" | Cast Porters

Thitek's GIIIH "Bear" Cast Porters version gives your cylinder head porter the added material to design a port around your specific combination. Intake and exhaust ports are untouched, as are the combustion chambers. Allowing your heads to be customized specifically for your motor for maximum performance, without the restraints of the OEM cast heads.

NOTE: These are un-assembled, cylinder head castings. Springs, valves, or other accessories are available, but NOT included.

Tech Specs

  • A356 T6 Aluminum
  • Completely New Casting
  • Form treads
  • Increased Deck thickness
  • Increased port wall thickness
  • Interchangeable (Left – Right)
  • Reinforced Rocker Arm Stands


  • Copper Beryllium Valve Seats
  • Optional 6 bolt head bolt pattern
  • Steel Valve guides
  • Up to 1.550” Dual Solid Roller Springs

Standard Parts

  • Bronze Valve guides
  • Ductile Iron valve seats